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MoveIt! Basics

NOTE: ROS 2 tutorials are still under active development.

MoveIt! on Stretch

To run MoveIt with the actual hardware, (assuming stretch_driver is already running) simply run

roslaunch stretch_moveit_config move_group.launch
This will runs all of the planning capabilities, but without the setup, simulation and interface that the above demo provides. In order to create plans for the robot with the same interface as the offline demo, you can run
roslaunch stretch_moveit_config moveit_rviz.launch

MoveIt! Without Hardware

To begin running MoveIt! on stretch, checkout to the feature/hybrid_planning branch and run the demo launch file.

cd ~/ament_ws/src/stretch_ros2
git checkout feature/hybrid_planning
cd ~/ament_ws
colcon build
ros2 launch stretch_moveit_config
This will brining up an RViz instance where you can move the robot around using interactive markers and create plans between poses. You can reference the bottom gif as a guide to plan and execute motion.


Additionally, the demo allows a user to select from the five groups, stretch_arm, stretch_gripper, stretch_head, mobile_base_arm and position to move. The option to change groups in the in Planning Request section in the Displays tree. A few notes to be kept in mind:

  • Pre-defined start and goal states can be specified in Start State and Goal State drop downs in Planning tab of Motion Planning RViz plugin.

  • stretch_gripper group does not show markers, and is intended to be controlled via the joints tab that is located in the very right of Motion Planning Rviz plugin.

  • When planning with stretch_head group make sure you select Approx IK Solutions in Planning tab of Motion Planning RViz plugin.


Running Gazebo with MoveIt! and Stretch