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Card Holder


Easy-Access Playing Card Holder

Created by: Hello Robot Inc

Card holder in use

A spinning card holder that Stretch can manipulate to position cards in an optimal position for grasping or to signal which card an opponent should take.

Card holder in use

Parts List

Item Qty Vendor
Gear Wheel 1 PLA 3D printer
A Frame 1 PLA 3D printer
Base 1 PLA 3D printer
Pull Tab 1 PLA 3D printer
Foam Block* 1 Recycled Material

*We used extra packing foam, but styrofoam or anything similar should work!

Assembly instructions


  1. Cut an approximately 6 inch diameter circle out of the foam. Slice around the perimiter about 2 inches into the foam to create a slot to hold cards.
  2. Gently press the spikes on the front of the gear wheel into the center of the foam circle. Push the axel on the A frame through the hole in the back of the wheel gear and into the foam until the back of the wheel gear meets the front of the A frame.

  3. With the foam and gear wheel secured onto the A frame, push the frame into the openings on the base.

  4. Slide the pull tab into the slot on the A Frame. The teeth on the pull tab should interlock with the teeth on the wheel gear so pulling and pushing the tab spins the wheel.