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Tutorial Track: Getting to Know Stretch

New to Stretch? Welcome!

Please take the time to get to know your robot by going through these tutorials in order.

What Version of Robot Do I Have?

Stretch RE1 and RE2 are very similar. One quick way to tell the difference is look at the robot's hostame:

>>$ hostname

Another way is to look for the distinctive pink stripe on the RE2 base:


Tutorial Description
1 Safety Guide Guide to safe operation of the Stretch
2 Quick Start RE1 Unboxing Stretch RE1 and getting started
2 Quick Start RE2 Unboxing Stretch RE2 and getting started
3 Best Practices Best practices to keep Stretch charged and healthy
4 Troubleshooting Solutions to common issues


Tutorial Description
1 Untethered Operation Setting up your network to work with Stretch untethered
2 Updating Software How to periodically update the Stretch software

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