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Phone Holder


Phone Holder

Create by: Hello Robot Inc

This tool allows you to attach a smart phone to your Stretch. It uses an off the shelf phone holder with and a photography standard 1/4-20 attachment post.

image image image

Parts List

Item Qty Vendor
1/4-20 x 3" BHCS 1 McMaster-Carr
1/4-20 Nut 2 McMaster-Carr
wrist_mount_spacer.STL 2 PLA 3D printer
Ulanzi ST-01 Phone Tripod Mount 1 Amazon

Assembly instructions

View 3D assembly


  1. Install the two wrist_mount spacers onto wrist
  2. Install the long bolt and lock into place using the first nut. Friction will hold this in a fixed orientation.
  3. Install the second nut and then the phone mount, screwing onto the bolt
  4. Lock the phone mount into place, using the second nut as a jam nut

If you want to adjust the phone orientation relative to the wrist yaw, loosen up the jam nut, adjust, then tighten.