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Wrist USB Camera


Wrist USB Board Camera

Create by: Hello Robot Inc

This design allows you to attach a USB board camera to the wrist yaw joint of Stretch. The wrist mounted camera can pan left-right, making it perfect for simple remote inspection tasks.

The camera can be integrated into your robot URDF by integrating its stretch_description as described in the Stretch ROS documentation.

image image

Parts List

Item Qty Vendor
M2x8mm SHCS 8 McMaster-Carr
M2x6mm Thread Forming Screw 5 McMaster-Carr
Board_Camera_Ball_Shell.STL 1 PLA 3D printer
Board_Camera_Ball_Cover.STL 1 PLA 3D printer
ELP 2MP USB Board Camera (Suggested) 1 Amazon / Spinel

Assembly instructions

View 3D assembly


  1. Attach the Board_Camera_Ball_Shell to the wrist tool plate using the 8 M2 bolts
  2. Attach the camera to the Board_Camera_Ball_Shell using 4 self-threading screws
  3. Attach the USB cable and route it down and through the wrist yaw passage
  4. Attach the Boad_Camera_Ball_Cover using 1 self-threading screw
  5. Plug the USB cable into the USB-A port on the wrist

NOTE: The USB cable that comes with the camera uses a JST-PH connector. You may want to make your own cable with a custom length using a right-angle USB-A cable. This may require a JST-PH crimp tool.

NOTE: A variety of USB board cameras are available from ELP and Spinel, among others. The shells may need to be modified to accommodate variations in the mechanical packaging of these cameras.