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ROS 2 Galactic Development Branch

This is a development branch that we are using to port stretch_ros to ROS 2 Galactic, Python 3, and Ubuntu 20.04. We plan to begin shipping this version preinstalled on Stretch RE1 robots in the future. It is not in a usable state. It is also unstable, since we are actively conducting development in this branch. Since we have performed limited testing, you may encounter unexpected behaviors. Also, installation requires Ubuntu 20.04 on a second partition of your robot's hard drive.

We are beginning to use this port internally at Hello Robot to test it, improve it, and add new capabilities.

Ported to ROS 2

  • Stretch Description
  • Stretch MoveIt Config
  • Stretch Core (Driver Node)

Known Issues

No support for:

  • Stretch Calibration
  • Stretch Core (Everything Else)
  • Stretch Dashboard
  • Stretch Deep Perception
  • Stretch Demos
  • Stretch FUNMAP
  • Stretch Gazebo
  • Stretch Navigation
  • Stretch OctoMap
  • Stretch RTABMap
  • The deep perception demos won't work with a default installation, since they require OpenCV compiled with OpenVINO.
  • There is no support for the Respeaker Microphone Array.
  • There is no support for the Dexterous Wrist.


The stretch_ros repository holds ROS related code for the Stretch RE1 mobile manipulator from Hello Robot Inc. For an overview of the capabilities in this repository, we recommend you look at the following forum post:

Resource Description
hello_helpers Miscellaneous helper code used across the stretch_ros repository
stretch_calibration Creates and updates calibrated URDFs for the Stretch RE1
stretch_core Enables basic use of the Stretch RE1 from ROS
stretch_deep_perception Demonstrations that use open deep learning models to perceive the world
stretch_demos Demonstrations of simple autonomous manipulation
stretch_description Generate and export URDFs
stretch_funmap Demonstrations of Fast Unified Navigation, Manipulation And Planning (FUNMAP)
stretch_gazebo Support for simulation of Stretch in the Gazebo simulator
stretch_moveit_config Config files to use Stretch with the MoveIt Motion Planning Framework
stretch_navigation Support for the ROS navigation stack, including move_base, gmapping, and AMCL
stretch_octomap Support for mapping using OctoMap: efficient probabilistic 3D Mapping based on Octrees
stretch_rtabmap Support for mapping using Real-Time Appearance-Based Mapping (RTAB-Map)


This software is intended for use with the Stretch RE1 mobile manipulator, which is a robot produced and sold by Hello Robot Inc. For further information, including inquiries about dual licensing, please contact Hello Robot Inc.

For license details for this repository, see the LICENSE files found in the directories. A summary of the licenses follows:

Directory License
hello_helpers Apache 2.0
stretch_calibration GPLv3
stretch_core Apache 2.0
stretch_deep_perception Apache 2.0
stretch_demos Apache 2.0
stretch_description BSD 3-Clause Clear License
stretch_funmap LGPLv3
stretch_gazebo Apache 2.0
stretch_moveit_config Apache 2.0
stretch_navigation Apache 2.0
stretch_octomap Apache 2.0
stretch_rtabmap Apache 2.0