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The Stretch Firmware repository provides the Arduino based firmware for the Stretch robot.

Minor version updates to Stretch Body may occasionally require the robot's firmware to also be updated.

The repository includes the firmware for the three Stretch PCBA types:

  • hello_stepper: firmware for stepper motor controller based on the Mechaduino project
  • hello_wacc: firmware for wrist accelerometer board (Wacc) in the wrist
  • hello_pimu: firmware for power and imu board (Pimu) in the base


For details, see the file in the root directory. All materials within this repository are licensed with the GNU General Public License v3.0 (GNU GPLv3) except where other third-party licenses must apply.

We thank people who have contributed to this work via open-source code and open hardware. We especially thank the Mechaduino project and Tropical Labs. The motor controller firmware and hardware are derived from the excellent firmware and hardware created for the Mechaduino project by Tropical Labs.

All materials are Copyright 2022 by Hello Robot Inc. Hello Robot and Stretch are registered trademarks. The Stretch RE1 and RE2 robots are covered by U.S. Patent 11,230,000 and other patents pending.