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stretch_core provides the core ROS interfaces to the Stretch RE1 mobile manipulator from Hello Robot Inc. It includes the following nodes:

stretch_driver : node that communicates with the low-level Python library (stretch_body) to interface with the Stretch RE1

detect_aruco_markers : node that detects and estimates the pose of ArUco markers, including the markers on the robot's body

d435i_* : various nodes to help use the Stretch RE1's 3D camera

keyboard_teleop : node that provides a keyboard interface to control the robot's joints


Colcon is used to run the integration tests in the /test folder. The command to run the entire suite of tests is:

$ cd ~/ament_ws
$ colcon test --packages-select stretch_core

Here are description of each test suite:

  • tests the ROS2 services within the stretch_driver node
  • tests the ROS2 FollowJointTrajectory action server's manipulation mode
  • and linters that identify unrecommended code style


For license information, please see the LICENSE files.