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Arm-Mounted Tray

Created by: Hello Robot Inc


Stretch carrying condiments

This tray conveniently clips onto Stretch's first arm link to provide a surface for carrying objects, including two hooks in the front and a cup holder to assist a variety of tasks.

Parts List

Item Qty Vendor
Tray 1 PLA 3D Printer
Arm Clips 2 PLA 3D Printer
M4x6mm Socket Head Screw 4 McMaster-Carr
M4 Nut 4 McMaster-Carr

Assembly instructions

View 3D assembly

Exploded View

  1. Install one M4 screw through each tray hole, and secure each with an M4 nut set in the tray clips. Ensure the hooks on the tray clips are facing the flat side of the tray, away from the cupholder.
  2. Press the tray onto the first arm link until it snaps into place.