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Stretch & MoveIt!

MoveIt is the standard ROS manipulation platform, and this package is the configuration for working with Stretch with the MoveIt framework.

Offline Demo

To experiment with the planning capabilities of MoveIt on Stretch, you can run a demo without Stretch hardware.

roslaunch stretch_moveit_config demo.launch

This will allow you to move the robot around using interactive markers and create plans between poses.

Hardware Integration

There is no planned support to run MoveIt on Stretch hardware. Instead, support for running MoveIt 2 (the successor to MoveIt) on Stretch hardware is being developed in Stretch's ROS2 packages. The primary reason to support MoveIt 2 instead of MoveIt 1 is because MoveIt 2 introduces planning for differential drive bases, whereas MoveIt 1 does not have this ability. Manipulation with Stretch is more capable when the mobile base is included.

Please keep an eye on Stretch's ROS2 packages and our forum to track the state of Stretch + MoveIt 2 support.


For license information, please see the LICENSE files.