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Teleoperating stretch

Teleoperating Stretch


Teleoperation support for Stretch in ROS 2 is under active development. Please reach out to us if you want to teleoperate Stretch in ROS 2.

Refer to the instructions below if you want to test this functionality in ROS 1.

Xbox Controller Teleoperating

If you have not already had a look at the Xbox Controller Teleoperation section in the Quick Start guide, now might be a good time to try it.

Keyboard Teleoperating: Full Body

For full-body teleoperation with the keyboard, you first need to run the stretch_driver.launch in a terminal.

roslaunch stretch_core stretch_driver.launch

Then in a new terminal, type the following command

rosrun stretch_core keyboard_teleop

Below are the keyboard commands that allow a user to control all of Stretch's joints.

---------- KEYBOARD TELEOP MENU -----------

              i HEAD UP                    
 j HEAD LEFT            l HEAD RIGHT       
              , HEAD DOWN                  

 home                   page-up            

              8 LIFT UP                    
 4 BASE FORWARD         6 BASE BACK        
 left-arrow             right-arrow        
              2 LIFT DOWN                  

              w ARM OUT                    
 a WRIST FORWARD        d WRIST BACK       
              x ARM IN                     

              5 GRIPPER CLOSE              
              0 GRIPPER OPEN               

  step size:  b BIG, m MEDIUM, s SMALL     

              q QUIT                       


To stop the node from sending twist messages, type Ctrl + c.

Keyboard Teleoperating: Mobile Base

Begin by running the following command in your terminal:

roslaunch stretch_core stretch_driver.launch

To teleoperate a Stretch's mobile base with the keyboard, you first need to switch the mode to nagivation for the robot to receive Twist messages. This is done using a rosservice call in a new terminal. In the same terminal run the teleop_twist_keyboard node with the argument remapping the cmd_vel topic name to stretch/cmd_vel.

rosservice call /switch_to_navigation_mode
rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard cmd_vel:=stretch/cmd_vel

Below are the keyboard commands that allow a user to move Stretch's base.

Reading from the keyboard  and Publishing to Twist!
Moving around:
   u    i    o
   j    k    l
   m    ,    .

For Holonomic mode (strafing), hold down the shift key:
   U    I    O
   J    K    L
   M    <    >

t : up (+z)
b : down (-z)

anything else : stop

q/z : increase/decrease max speeds by 10%
w/x : increase/decrease only linear speed by 10%
e/c : increase/decrease only angular speed by 10%

CTRL-C to quit

currently:  speed 0.5   turn 1.0

To stop the node from sending twist messages, type Ctrl + c.

Create a node for Mobile Base Teleoperating

To move Stretch's mobile base using a python script, please look at example 1 for reference.