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Respeaker microphone array

ReSpeaker Microphone Array

For this tutorial, we will go over on a high level how to use Stretch's ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0.

Stretch Body Package

In this tutorial's section we will use command line tools in the Stretch_Body package, a low level Python API for Stretch's hardware, to directly interact with the ReSpeaker.

Begin by typing the following command in a new terminal.

The following will be displayed in your terminal

For use with S T R E T C H (TM) RESEARCH EDITION from Hello Robot Inc.

* waiting for audio...
* recording 3 seconds
* done
* playing audio
* done

The ReSpeaker Mico Array will wait until it hears audio loud enough to trigger its recording feature. Stretch will record audio for 3 seconds and then replay it through its speakers. This command line is a good method to see if the hardware is working correctly.

To stop the python script, type Ctrl + c in the terminal.

ReSpeaker_ROS Package

A ROS package for the ReSpeaker is utilized for this tutorial's section.

Begin by running the sample_respeaker.launch file in a terminal.

# Terminal 1
roslaunch respeaker_ros sample_respeaker.launch
This will bring up the necessary nodes that will allow the ReSpeaker to implement a voice and sound interface with the robot.

Below are executables you can run and see the ReSpeaker results.

rostopic echo /sound_direction    # Result of Direction (in Radians) of Audio
rostopic echo /sound_localization # Result of Direction as Pose (Quaternion values)
rostopic echo /is_speeching       # Result of Voice Activity Detector
rostopic echo /audio              # Raw audio data
rostopic echo /speech_audio       # Raw audio data when there is speech
rostopic echo /speech_to_text     # Voice recognition

An example is when you run the speech_to_text executable and speak near the microphone array. In this instance, "hello robot" was said.

# Terminal 2
hello-robot@stretch-re1-1005:~$ rostopic echo /speech_to_text
  - hello robot
confidence: []

You can also set various parameters viadynamic_reconfigure running the following command in a new terminal.

# Terminal 3
rosrun rqt_reconfigure rqt_reconfigure