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Stretch Dex Wrist - Gazebo Support

Created by: Hello Robot Inc

The Stretch RE1 robot with the Dex Wrist can also be simulated with Gazebo simulator. The information on Stretch robot's Gazebo implementation can be found here stretch_gazebo.

To add the Dex Wrist to Stretch with Gazebo support:

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/stretch_ros/
git pull

cd ~/repos
git clone

cd stretch_tool_share/tool_share/stretch_dex_wrist
cp stretch_description/urdf/stretch_dex_wrist.xacro ~/catkin_ws/src/stretch_ros/stretch_description/urdf
cp stretch_description/urdf/stretch_description.xacro ~/catkin_ws/src/stretch_ros/stretch_description/urdf
cp stretch_description/meshes/*.STL ~/catkin_ws/src/stretch_ros/stretch_description/meshes

cp gazebo_support/stretch_gazebo.urdf.xacro ~/catkin_ws/src/stretch_ros/stretch_gazebo/urdf
cp gazebo_support/dex_wrist.yaml ~/catkin_ws/src/stretch_ros/stretch_gazebo/config
cp gazebo_support/cp gazebo.launch ~/catkin_ws/src/stretch_ros/stretch_gazebo/launch
During the Gazebo simulation with Dex Wrist, the wrist's Roll and Pitch can be controlled using the spawned "stretch_dex_wrist_controller" of type position_controllers/JointTrajectoryController

Note: Still there is no planned support to run MoveIt with Stretch Dex Wrist in Gazebo.