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Distributions & Roadmap

Stretch's "robot distributions" are bundles of software installed onto the robot's onboard computer. A distribution typically includes an Ubuntu operating system, Stretch's Python libraries, a ROS distribution with Stretch's ROS packages, and firmware for Stretch's hardware.

List of Distributions

Distribution Release Date Description EOL Date
Ubuntu 22.04 (Recommended)
January 2024
The 22.04 distribution comes with ROS2 Humble and Python3.10. It does not come with ROS1.
January 2027
Ubuntu 20.04 (Maintenance)
October 2022
The 20.04 distribution comes with ROS1 Noetic and Python3.8. This distribution is in maintenance (i.e. only receives bug-fixes, and new features aren't ported back).
January 2025

Deprecated Distributions

Distribution Release Date Description EOL Date
Ubuntu 18.04 (Deprecated)
May 2020
18.04 was the first distribution for Stretch, and included software for ROS1 Melodic and Python2. This distribution is no longer supported.
August 2023

Determining your Current Distribution

Open a terminal and run the following command. The outputs contains a description of the installed distribution.

lsb_release -d
Description:    Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

Installing a Distribution

To install one of the distributions above, check out the Performing a Robot Installation guide.


We may support ROS 2 Jazzy (a future distribution of ROS2) and Ubuntu 24.04 in the future. Reach out to Hello Robot to provide feedback on distributions you'd like to see.