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Community Resources

While this documentation is the ideal way to get started with your robot, there are a number of other resources worth noting that provide additional information and ways to interact with Stretch and the larger Hello Robot community.


Stretch has a diverse and vibrant user community, and one of our goals at Hello Robot is to help our customers connect, collaborate, and share with one another. To this end, we have created a public Hello Robot Forum where you can ask questions, post about your work, request support, or search an archive of resolved issues. Our engineers regularly read and respond to threads here, as well as posting helpful tips and tricks in the Knowledge Base.


Nearly all the code we write for Stretch is open-source and freely available on our Hello Robot Github. Feel free to browse through the repos or dig into the code. For information on how to contribute to Stretch software, see the [Contribution Guide].

Stretch Tool Share

One particular Github repo of note is our [Tool Share], which contains open-source tools and accessories that you can use with your Stretch.

Community Repositories

Another Github repo worth exploring our [Community Repos] page, where we collect some of the open-source code developed by our community. If you've developed something you'd like to see shared here, please [let us know!]

Community Updates

We love to help spread the work about the great work our community is constantly publishing! Every month, we publish a [Stretch Community Update] with some highlights of the recent research done by Stretch customers on our website, mailing list and social media. When you have work that is ready to make public, [let us know] and we'll make sure it's seen by our community!

Next Steps

The next guide in our Quickstart tutorial, Getting Help, will explain some resources to explore if you have questions or run into trouble while working with Stretch. We recommend all new users complete the full Quickstart tutorial series before beginning to develop with the robot.