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URDF Management

This tutorial will show you how to access URDFs of Stretch. The URDF (Unified Robot Description Format) is the most popular file format to represent a robot's physical descpriction and geometry. A robot's URDF is used in different applications such as collision checking, navigation planners and perform forward/inverse kinematics.

Stretch URDF

All the Stretch robot model's URDF and meshes are managed by the standalone python package Stretch URDF.

This package can be installed by:

python3 -m pip install  -U hello-robot-stretch-urdf

The URDF data is uncalibrated and is managed seperately from the Stretch ROS/ROS2 URDF data but could be ported to over using the provided CLI tools.

Accessing URDF Files

The URDF and mesh data is installed as a Python package. It's location can be found as:

import importlib.resources as importlib_resources
pkg_path = str(importlib_resources.files("stretch_urdf"))

The URDF naming convention is stretch_description_[model_name]_[tool_name].urdf. Example to retrieve a URDF file and mesh files directory:

model_name = 'SE3' # RE1V0, RE2V0, SE3
tool_name = 'eoa_wrist_dw3_tool_sg3' # eoa_wrist_dw3_tool_sg3, tool_stretch_gripper, etc
urdf_file_path = pkg_path + f"/{model_name}/stretch_description_{model_name}_{tool_name}.urdf"
mesh_files_directory_path = pkg_path + f"/{model_name}/meshes"

Stretch URDF CLI Tools

The package comes with some useful stretch_urdf_* CLI tools for you to take advantage of.

Visualize URDFs

You can use the tool to visualize any robot model with a tool configuration of your choice. You can also pass different arguments while on robot to visualize URDF with stretch body drivers running and visualize realtime robot motions.

$ -h
For use with S T R E T C H (R) from Hello Robot Inc.

usage: [-h] [-t] [-c] [-g]

Python based URDF visualization

  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -t, --trajectory  Visualize predefined trajectory
  -c, --collision   Use collision meshes
  -g, --gamepad     Use gamepad to control pose
Stretch URDF Viz

Copy URDF and Meshes to ROS

You can use the tool to port the right URDF and meshes in to your ROS/ROS2 stretch_description package.

$ -h

For use with S T R E T C H (R) from Hello Robot Inc.

usage: [-h] [-v] [--model {RE1V0,RE2V0,SE3}] [--tool TOOL]
                                  [--ros2_rebuild] [-y]

Tool to update the ROS Stretch Description package Xacros and Mesh files based on the configured
End-of-Arm tool.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         Prints more info
  --model {RE1V0,RE2V0,SE3}
                        Choose a Robot model name.
  --tool TOOL           Choose a supported Robot tool name.
  --ros2_rebuild        Rebuild ROS2's Stretch Description package
  -y, --yes             Override Confirmation prompt.